Terms and Conditions

Personal Training Service

  1. The exercise programme is desiged to place a gradually increasing workload on the cardiovascular and muscular systems and thereby improve their function. The reaction of the cardiovascular and muscular systems to such exercise cannot always be predicted with complete accuracy. There is a risk of certain changes that might occur during or following the exercise. These changes could relate to blood pressure or heart rate.
  2. It is a client's responsibility to inform their Trainer of any conditions or changes in their health (medical and physical), now and ongoing, which might affect their ability to exercise safely and with minimal risk of injury.</t>
  1. Payment is due on the day for adhoc and weekly sessions. For two or more sessions per week, payment is due on the last session of the previous week.
  2. Payments to trainers must be made directly to the trainer. Members should ensure they get a receipt from their trainer.
  3. The methods of payments are: Cash or Cheque (payable to Smaak Fitness). Bank Transfer or Standing Order through the client's bank.
  4. The hourly training fee covers you for all reasonable correspondence, programme writing, session planning, and travelling time (if appropriate).
  1. All sessions will last up to 1 hour unless otherwise arranged and will start and finish on time. If clients arrive to or begin the session late, this time will be deducted from the session. Should the trainer arrive late, this time would be made up at the end of the session or at a time that is mutually convenient.
  2. Every effort will be made to offer regular session days and times; however this cannot always be guaranteed.
  3. Any monies paid for sessions in advance are non-refundable, and can only be redeemed as personal training sessions, these must be used within a 'one session per week' time-scale.
  4. The results of any training programme or coaching course cannot be guaranteed and progress depends on the client's effort and cooperation in and outside of the sessions. Individual results may vary and no particular result is guaranteed by the Trainer.
  1. Clients must contact their Trainer directly by phone to cancel or change booked sessions (even a free consultation).
  2. Cancellations fees: Less than 24 hours notice = 25% payment of session. Less than 12 hours notice = 50% payment of session. Less than 2 hours notice = 100% payment of session.
  3. Cancellation for pre-paid block sessions and packages which have already started, will incur a 25% charge for any outstanding sessions to cover time spent by the trainer, developing and planning the programme.
  1. Correct footwear and loose comfortable clothing must be worn during the training sessions.
  2. There are inherent risks in participating in a programme of strenuous exercise. If a client sustains or claims to sustain any injury while participating in the fitness programme, they acknowledge that the trainer is not responsible, except where the injury was caused by the gross negligence or Intentional act of the Trainer.
  1. Smaak Fitness operates within the Brighton & Hove (BN2, BN1, BN3, BN50, BN52, BN88), Portslade (BN41), Southwick (BN42), and Rottingdean (BN51).

  2. Further distances may be accepted however a fee will be charged for transit time.

By proceeding with any bookings or purchases, the client agrees to abide by the above terms and conditions.