Pre Activity Questionnaire

PAR-Q and Informed Consent
    • Date of Birth:
      • Which of the following conditions do you experience?:
      • Have you consulted your physician about increasing your physical activity and/or participating in a physical exercise programme?:
      • Has your physician approved you increasing your physical activity level and/or participation in physical exercise programme?:
        • The exercise programme is designed to place a gradually increasing workload on the cardiovascular & muscular systems, thereby improve their function.:
          • The reaction of the cardiovascular and muscular systems to such exercise cannot always be predicted with complete accuracy.:
            • I acknowledge that there are inherent risks of certain changes that might occur in participating in any programme of strenuous exercise, such as: *:
            • I, as the client, am responsible for informing the Trainer of any conditions or changes in my health, which might affect my ability to exercise safely:
              • I, as the client, accepts full responsibility to: *:
              • By clicking below, I agree that the answers above are true and complete to the best of my knowledge, and I agree to abide by these terms & conditions.:
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