Alphabetical listing of ingredients according to its market sector

Market: Greengrocer - Fruit and (bulb, root, leaf) Vegetables

Ingredient British Season Reference Continental EUTropicalRest of World
ApplesSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
AsparagusJune-July(Reddy, 2008)
AuberginesJune-July, August(Reddy, 2008)
BasilAugust(Reddy, 2008)
Berries mixed - fresh/frozen(Unknown)(none)
Blueberries - fresh/frozen(Unknown)(none)
Broad beansJune-July(Reddy, 2008)
Broccoli florets - fresh/frozen(Unknown)(none)
CherriesJune-July(Reddy, 2008)
CourgettesJune-July, August(Reddy, 2008)
DamsonsSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
FennelAugust(Reddy, 2008)
GooseberriesJune-July(Reddy, 2008)
GreengagesAugust(Reddy, 2008)
LettuceJune-July, August(Reddy, 2008)
LoganberriesAugust(Reddy, 2008)
OnionSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
Peaches - fresh/frozen(Unknown)(none)
PeasJune-July, August(Reddy, 2008)
(Bell) Peppers - fresh/frozenJune-July, August(Reddy, 2008)
PlumsSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
RedcurrantsJune-July(Reddy, 2008)
SpinachSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
Spring onion(Unknown)(none)
StrawberriesJune-July, August(Reddy, 2008)
SweetcornAugust, September(Reddy, 2008)
Alphabetical list of Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable in the UK

Market: Butcher - Red (Beef, Mutton, Venison), White (Pork), Poultry (Chicken, Turkey, Goose, Quail), Eggs

Ingredient Season Reference
Beef - Flank Steak(unknown)(none)
Beef - Roast cuts(unknown)(none)
Chicken - Sausages(unknown)(none)
HareAugust(Reddy, 2008)
Autumn LambSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
Welsch LambJune-July, August(Reddy, 2008)
GrouseSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
PartridgeSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
Wood PigeonSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
VenisonSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
Alphabetical list of seasonal meat produce in the UK

Market: Fishmonger - Oily, white, shelled fish and squid

Ingredient Season Reference
Sea BassSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
CrayfishAugust(Reddy, 2008)
John DoryAugust(Reddy, 2008)
Grey MulletJune-July(Reddy, 2008)
MusselsSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
OystersSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
SalmonJune-July(Reddy, 2008)
SkateAugust(Reddy, 2008)
Brown TroutSeptember(Reddy, 2008)
Alphabetical list of seasonal acquatic produce in the UK

Market: Dried Produce - Dried Fruit, Nuts and seeds

Ingredient Season (Origin) Reference
Brazil nuts(unknown)(none)
Pecan nuts(unknown)(none)
Sesame seeds(unknown)(none)
Sunflower seeds(unknown)(none)
Alphabetical list of Dried Produce

Market: Grains

Ingredient Season Reference
Whole-wheat crisps (Vita Snack)(unknown)(none)
Rolled Oats(unknown)(none)
Dried Pasta(unknown)(none)
Fresh Pasta(unknown)(none)
Alphabetical list of grains produced in the UK

Market: Dairy - Milk, Yoghurt, and Cheese

Ingredient Season Reference
Plain Yoghurt(unknown)(none)
Greek Yoghurt(unknown)(none)
Cheddar Cheese(unknown)(none)
Feta Cheese(unknown)(none)
Gouda Cheese(unknown)(none)
Halloumi Cheese(unknown)(none)
Alphabetical list of dairy produced in the UK

Market: Sweeteners - Natural and Artificial

Ingredient Season Reference
Maple syrup(unknown)(none)
Alphabetical list of sweeteners produced in the UK

Market: Condiments and Spreads

Ingredient Season Reference
Processed cheese(unknown)(none)
Peanut butterincludes natural varieties(none)
Soya sauce(unknown)(none)
Alphabetical list of condiments and spreads produced in the UK

Market: Oils

Ingredient Smoke point Usage Not for Benefits
Sunflower oilVery highAvoid altogetherDeep-fry reuse (forms trans-saturated fats), High temperature frying and cooking since it produces 20x higher aldehydes than recommended by the WHOLow temperature oven cookingTaste similar to butter; Keep skin clear, strengthen immune system
Rapeseed oilsmoke pointAll forms of cooking, including deep fat frying, baking, roasting, dips or salad dressings-Delicate taste; Lower calories (120kcal/tbsp) than olive oil. Less saturated fats than other common cooking oils.
Coconut oillowNon-dairy baking, grease pans and confectionaryHigh temperature cooking like baking and deep fat frying (unless refined version)Sweet nutty taste; High in Lauric acid that improves heart health
Almond oilsmoke pointUse a refined version baking and fryingAvoid inNutty, toasted flavour; Source of vitamin E and mono-unsaturated fats
Sesame seed oilsmoke pointDeep frying, salad dressing, or sprinkle over food before servingHigh heat cooking, Frying - keep away from light sourcesDistinctive taste for oriental dishes; helps to reduce blood pressure and aid digestion
Chilli oilsmoke pointAdd to hot dishes when cooking or sprinkle over cooked and cold dishes for extra flavourBenefitsFrying
Extra Virgin Olive oilvery lowIn vinaigrettes, dressings or dips; Drizzling on salads, pasta and breads.Cooking, confectionery baking, long-term use (keep 1 year at most) Healthy cholesterol
List of oils by smoke point (descending)

Market: Spice Shop - Herbs and Spices

Fresh Herbs

  • Basil, Coriander, Mint, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme.

Dried Herbs

  • Mixed Herbs: "Mixed herbs is one of the most popular and well known blends of herbs adding extra flavour to most savoury dishes" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Basil: "Basil is a herb with spicy overtones of aniseed and is strongly associated with Italian cooking. Basil is delicious with tomatoes, cooked or as a salad" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Bayleaves: .
  • Chives: "Chives have a mild, fresh, onion flavour and bright green colour. They are the smalles and most delicately flavoured member of the onion family" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Coriander Ground: "Coriander seed is versatile spice that has a mild sweet, citrus flavour which complements both sweet and savoury dishes" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Dill: "" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Marjoram: "Marjoram has a delicate, sweet aroma and flavour" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Oregano: "It has an aromatic, warm and slightly bitter taste and can vary in intensity. Together with basil, it contributes much to the distinctive character of many Italian dishes" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Parsley: "Parsley is probably the most popular and versatile herb. It has a very mild, fresh flavour" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Rosemary: "Rosemary is the hard, needle-shaped leaves of a small evergreen shrub. It has a distinctive pine-wood aroma and a strong bittersweet flavour" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Thyme: "Thyme is a small, woody stemmed plant with tiny grey-green leaves and pretty little purple flowers. It is at its most aromatic when grown in hot, sunny, dry conditions and a light sandy soil" (Premier Housewares, no date).

Dried Spices

  • Mixed Spice: "A classic blend of sweet spices" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Cayenne Pepper: "" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Chilli Powder, Mild: "Mild Chilli Powder is a mild and well balanced blend including chillies, cumin, oregano and garlic" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Cinnamon Ground: "Cinnamon is the peeled and curled inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree. It has a warm, sweet, woody aroma" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Cumin Ground: "Cumin seed has a slightly sweet, warming and aromatic flavour" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Fennel Seeds: .
  • Garlice Granules: "Garlic is a versatile ingredient that can be used to complement all savourt dishes" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Paprika: "Paprika is a deep red, slightly earthy flavoured spice made from the dried and ground sweet pepper" (Premier Housewares, no date).
  • Red pepper flakes: "".
  • Turmeric: "Turmeric adds a brilliant yellow colour and an earthy flavour to foods such as Indian curries, rice and vegetarian dishes" (Premier Housewares, no date).

Market: Sugar Confectionery - Sweets, chocolate, coated fruit and nuts, gum and primarily sugar confections

Ingredient Description Reference
Cotton Candy Floss
Chewing gum
Hard sweets
Soft sweets
Alphabetical list of sugar confectionery

Market: Juice drinks - Fruit and Vegetable

Ingredient Description Reference
Fruit JuiceFreshly-squeezed fruit juice
Vegetable JuiceFreshly-squeezed vegetable juice
Alphabetical list of juice drinks

Market: Hot drinks - Tea and Coffee

Ingredient Description Benefits Reference
Black teaVariety of teas derived from black tea leaves
Green teaVariety of teas derived from green tea leaves
Rooibos teaHarvested naturally in the Cedarberg mountains of South AfricaNaturally caffeine-free, allows Restful Sleep, Gentle and low in tannin, Harvested by handTick Tock Teas Limited
Herbal teaVariety of teas derived from other plant leaves
Alphabetical list of juice drinks

Market: Refreshment Soft drinks - Squash, cordials and carbonated

Ingredient Description Reference
SquashConcentrated fruit-flavoured drinks
CordialHighly concentrated syrup
CarbonatedContains carbonated water and sweetener(s)
Alphabetical list of soft drinks

Power Foods

Not all foods are created equal, certainly not when it comes to upping your performance levels. Add more of these foods to your diet - not all at once, unless you're feeling creative - and you'll be putting petrol in the tank for more productive runs:

  • Baked beans,
  • Almonds,
  • Ginger,
  • Dark chocolate,
  • Sweet potato,
  • Salmon,
  • Quinoa,
  • Chicken,
  • Oysters,
  • Blueberries.
PowerList, 2008


Nutritional therapist Hilary Davies says: "A handful of almonds is full of vitamin E, which aids circulation. It lowers levels of 'bad' LDL cholesterol and protects your red blood cells, allowing optimum oxygen transfer to your muscles." (PowerList, 2008) "A handful of almonds four times a week also provides a form of vitamin E called gamma-tocopherol, found by research at Purdue University to inhibit the growth of cancer cells." (PowerList, 2008)


Nutritional therapist Hilary Davies says "The vitamin C helps to guard against upper respiratory tract infections - one of the biggest threats to your ability to run effectively. They also boost joint health by supporting the production and strength of collagen, and stave off adrenal fatigue - low functioning of the adrenal glands, making you fell run-down, caused by mental and physical stress - which can be a problem for athletes who train hard" (PowerList, 2008).

Baked Beans

Nutrition therapist Janine Fahri says: "A great source of quick, convenient protein, perfect for aiding receovery after long training sessions. They are also high in phosphorous, one of the principal compounds that make and maintain bone, so improve general skeletal strength and help prevent fractures." The soluble fibre also lowers your colestorol. Half a can counts as one of your five-a-day. (PowerList, 2008)


Nutrition therapist Janine Fahri says: "Chicken protein contains amino acids in the correct proportions for creating lean muscle. It is packed with B-vitamins, essential for energy production in the mitochondria (your cell's power sources)" (PowerList, 2008). "A bit of bird makes you lighter on your feet, as the protein fires up your metabolism to aid weight loss. No nuggets though - plump for skinless grilled breast" (PowerList, 2008).

Dark Chocolate

Nutrition therapist Janine Fahri says: "The flavanoids found in darker chocolate are potent antioxidants. These benefit your circulatory system and protect the free-radical damage that intense exercise promotes" (PowerList, 2008). "Dark chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, which improves your mood when you've hurt yourself hitting the wall (in terms of long-distance running)" (PowerList, 2008).


Nutrition therapist Janine Fahri says: "(Fresh) Ginger contains an anti-inflammatory compound called gingerol. This reduces inflammation in the joints, easing pain and stiffness after long runs and improving general mobility" (PowerList, 2008). "A slice of the spice will also get your immune system moving in the right-direction, particularly important for long-distance runners, whose immunity can be lowered by high mileage and intense training and racing." (PowerList, 2008)


Nutritional therapist Janine Fahri says: "Oysters are an amazing source of zinc, which increases your number of infection-fighting T-cells, keeping your immunity up, no matter how hard you are training" (PowerList, 2008). "This famous aphrodisiac, oysters are also handy if you're prone to hitting the deck - zinc deficiency has been linked to slower wound healing" (PowerList, 2008).


Nutrition therapist Janine Fahri says: As well as being a good source of energy, quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein, so it will benefit muscle strength and power" (PowerList, 2008). "Revered by Incan warriors, it also boasts copper and manganese - minerals that protect the mitochondria (which generate energy in cells) and therefore increase the overall health of your muscles" (PowerList, 2008).

Sweet Potato

Nutritional therapist Hilary Davies says: "Sweet potato is a complex carbohydrate, as opposed to pastas and rices which generally provide the carbs in 'simple' form. This makes them the ideal pre-run meal, providing an even energy output rather than the blood-sugar spike and crash of other carbohydrates" (PowerList, 2008). "The orange spud also mashes in plenty of vitamin A, which according to Davies helps boost your immunity and protects you from the infections that can hamper your running performance" (PowerList, 2008).


Nutritional therapist Hilary Davies says: "Salmon is a fantastic way of getting high-biological-value protein into your diet. This form of protein is essential for the health and correct function of the connective tissue between muscle and bone that is espececially stressed by repeated exercise" (PowerList, 2008). "Oily fish is also the primary natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation and swelling caused by injury or over-exercise" (PowerList, 2008).


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